Captions are the text equivalent of a video’s dialogue and other audio information needed to understand a video’s content. These text descriptions are displayed during video playback and are synchronized with the audio track. Creating manual captions for video can be a lengthy process, and many captioning services that ensure accuracy are also quite pricey. If you are considering captioning options for your video content, MS Stream may be an ideal choice for a number of reasons. MS Stream allows users to create automatic closed captions for videos uploaded to the service. Automatic captioning can often be completed in the time it takes to watch a video from start to finish, which makes MS Stream a timely option. No automatic captioning service can be 100% accurate, which is why MS Stream’s ability to edit or download video captions is a welcomed feature for ensuring accuracy. MS Stream may also be a cost-effective solution as it is included in some O365 subscriptions. 

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